Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Hobo magazine issue 10

Text from Hobo magazine...

"The Queen of bad girls is going to the Palace of Sins. She's a siren on heroin and her trunk is full. This is the end, they're all crazy in New York. The girls are coiling around the phallic frameworks of our monuments, licking the stones with delight. Ben is Big, Eiffel towering over Liberty. Order a size up. The Killer has awakended and the death squad is ready. Eurofits are too tight for American tastes but todas los modelos son unisex y el tejido viene de Japon. Love is in the air. Te quiero mi amor. The women revolt, they're young and beautiful, and they're restless. Joven y harta. Viva la revolucion. Viva Passarella!"

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