Friday, 17 August 2012

Passarella Death Squad presents 'Surf's Up!'

Now available, 2 new designs from the 'Surf's Up' collection, 
'Crystal Voyager' and 'L'ete Sans Fin'

Inspired by the 1980's Surf T's with the large back print & with the Passarella 'For all tomorrow's parties' star on the front.

Each print is available in black or white.  
As always, made from a unique imported Japanese fabric and 
manufactured in London.

'Crystal Voyager' Available from Chatsubo and Harvey Nichols.

'L'ete Sans Fin Available from Chatsubo and Harvey Nichols.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

"Ima / Blackout" released 5 years ago

5 years ago our debut 12” "Ima / Blackout" was released
on the Republic Of Desire Recordings.

DJ feedback…
Tiga - “I absolutely ADORE this record!!!!”
Perc (Perctrax) - “Fucking wicked.”
ChloƩ (Kill the DJ) - "Very good"

Remixes came from Motor & Midnight Mike (Mickey Moonlight).
It was also the first ever song played by Tiga on his 
now famous podcasts.

Here is a our original of Blackout…

and the Midnight Mike remix

Sadly unlike our next releases the original artwork from
M/M Paris didn’t get printed, but here it is.

Below is the artwork that would of been printed inside the sleeve.